1. All sessions are done in the private studio

2. Please arrive on time or up to 30 minutes prior to your session if you have multiple outfits or need time to do hair, makeup etc.

Our time is valuable and you will be charged for missed appointments. If you have to reschedule please call ahead at least 12 hours in advance.   

3. Please make sure young children are with you at all times or in the designated play area. Please do not allow children to play in the studio area. 

4. Please have payment (cash, check, card) ready at the end of the session

5. We will take our time with your photography session and aim to get as many pictures for you to cherish as possible. With children under 5 this process may not produce as many photos as we would like, please be advised we will do our best but the number of pictures you receive depends on the cooperation of the subjects as much as it depends on the photographer. 

And lastly, have fun and relax and leave the hard work up to us! enjoying your photo session helps to produce beautiful, natural looking pictures. 

What do I need to know about my photography session? 

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