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Are you interested in displaying your work?

-Your Palette Membership helps to aid The Artists' Palette with feature exhibitions, educational programs for children and adults, community projects and more-

 Enjoy the many benefits of becoming a member of our gallery...


Benefits include: 

-Unlimited access to feature exhibitions

-Notifications of reception openings

-A 10% discount on art supplies

-Email updates for events

-Your artwork will be featured on The Artists' Palette website with links to your sites

Space options for Palette Members:
-Each available artist space starts with five square feet-

Monthly fees per space are as follows:

5 Sq. Ft.--------------------$12.00

10 Sq. Ft.-------------------$22.00

15 Sq. Ft--------------------$32.00


20 Sq.Ft--------------------$42.00

25 Sq. Ft--------------------$52.00

 30 Sq. Ft -------------------$62.00

**For artists who chose to occupy at least 25 square feet of space with a signed contract for six months will receive a solo showing of work in the Jill Kraft gallery sponsored by The Artists' Palette**

There is no charge to display prints of your work

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Palette Members

(artists who display their work at The Artists' Palette)

Patty Ives

Bernice O'Brien

Dawn tiffany

Sandra Elkins

Rachel Thompson

Elizabeth S.

Connie Silverbrand

Randy Sheldon

Holiday Bottles

jessica Frank