Ariel Delacroix Dax

Soap and Lotions

Metal Sculpture and Painting

Eloise Closs

Martha's Pottery


Linda Foote

supplies for sale

Johanna Lerwick

Artist- Oils

One of a kind woodwork and painting


Karen McWeeney

Randy Sheldon

Handmade Knives




Artist- Jewelery

Tiffany Sandstoe

Artist- Oil Painter

Artist- Jewelry

Lynn Price

Emily Snyder

Artist- Textile

Liz davidson
Artist-Oil Painter

The following is a collection of work by our
"Palette Members"

Palette members pay a monthly fee to display their work. (no commission taken from sales). Rental space fees are based upon the amount of space the artist wishes to occupy. For more information visit the Jill Kraft Gallery page.

Shinrin Sam.Bros

Rachel Thompson

Are you interested in displaying your work?

Each artist pays a monthly fee for displaying. This fee is based on the amount of space you wish to occupy. Prices range $12 and up per month. We do not take a commission. We collect the tax and you get paid for your work...It's that simple. Call Jill at 607-244-1445.

You can also email a sample of your work to

Tonya Adkins

Artist Glass Painting

Michael Sheridan


Marion Bauer & Steve Forgacs

Trevin Cruz


Handcrafted Items


Connie Silverbrand


Donna Skinner

Mary Ann Borden

Jewelry and art glass

visit her on facebook

jessica Frank

Drawing & Painting