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Art of Me isan expressive art education tool which targets a broad range of audiences and isdesigned for both children and adults. This program, created by artist Jill Kraft, is a conglomerate of art-related activities ranging from drawing and painting, to sculpture and more. This program is designed to reach out to the community and bring art into the lives of individuals who may otherwise be denied this opportunity.

The target audiences in which this tool would become essential are youth and teens, the geriatric community, individuals suffering from mental illness and the agencies who provide them care.

Expressive art education stitches together varying art mediums in a specialized manner to achieve a broad range of outcomes. Expressive arts are a way of letting individuals communicate their true feelingsto the world around them. The process of expression through the arts combines visual art, music, writing, movement, and drama. These components encourage the participants to trust in themselves and learn to be spontaneous. Each participant is encouraged to express themselves in their own unique ways, there are no mistakes or defined rules regarding what they create, and no experience is required.

Art of Me combinesthevisual arts, movement, drama, music, writing and other creative processes to further along a deep personal growth and community development. Many of the exercises included in the program foster the idea of self-healing and offer all participants a sense of accomplishment and pride. Throughout the creative process, individuals of all ages in all skill levels will be equipped with the tools to teach them about their own inner voice, seeking self approval before approval of othersand educate them on how to follow their own unique creative energy.

Some of the course descriptions and/or units the program will explore are as follows:
Visual Journaling
• Guided Imagery
• Creative Writing
• Creative Movement
• Sound and Music associated with art
Color exploration and more

The Art of Me program was designed to meet the needs of the general public with specialized target groups. I am a self-taught artist with experience teaching children and adults about fine art. I have experience working with all age groups who fall into the target areas this program strives to serve. I am a versatile artist who takes part in local and regional gallery shows. With the inclusion of this service, I hope to travel throughout the county and share my talents and abilities, as well as introduce the arts to children and adults alike. I have seen, first hand, the importance of teaching and creating art with a variety of audiences. In a county such as Chenango, I believe the arts have been, and will continue to play a large role in the lives of its residents. We are an artist community, and I would like to offer organizations, such as yours, the opportunity to hire me to teach the creativity process in a fun and exciting way. As part of the program, we will build the curriculum together and work in varying mediums, such as pencil drawings, painting, collage, crafts, sculpture, textile and more. I explore the creative process in various forms and take the time to reach out to each person individually.
This program is designed to meet the needs of not-for-profit agencies and is priced accordingly. Fees are based on materials, class size, and the time. This is also available for one on one instruction for $25/hour. For more information, call Jill Kraft at The Artists’ Palette at 607-244-1445.

Twisted Bristles
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Art in Norwich

Adult Classes

Adult classes are offered at various times throughout the week according to available scheduling. Classes are one on one if possible and are scheduled to meet your needs. Materials are included for $20/hour.

*Additional travel fees may apply (on location services available)

Art of Me

Art of Me

is part of the Creative Works- A new non profit housed inside the Artists palette

Adult Drop In
 This drop in program is $70 per month. This allows adult students to "drop in" an unlimited amount of times a month to work on projects of their choice and to get extra help with projects they start at home or on site at the artists palette. For more information call Jill at 607-244-1445.

Age of Art
Age of Art caters to individuals age 60 and over. With the assistance of grant funding this program is only $30/month to attend and materials are included. We meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 2-3:30 pm. Max. people 15. Currently there are a couple seats left. For more information call Jill at 607-244-1445. This program is part of Creative Works a new non profit housed inside the Artists Palette!

Art Classes

The Artists' Palette offers Art Classes for both children and adults. Classes are one on one if possible and are scheduled to meet your needs.Group rates available and we also except county voucher for various programming.

Art Enrichment

This program is set up to explore all types of art with children. Media includes lessons in Painting, drawing, technique, clay and more. Built for kids who have a special interest art and want to learn more. Lessons are set up once a week, time is based on available scheduling.

  • Ages 5-12 $15/hour
  • Ages 13 Adult $20/hour

Teen Drop In
Open to teens 13-18. The drop in program is $60 per month. This allows students to "drop in" a minimum of 4 times a month but is open for them to drop in and work anytime throughout the month. We concentrate on larger works, installation work and more. Currently the group is meeting on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. For more information call Jill at 607-244-1445.